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Eye Exams

We offer eye examinations and comprehensive vision care for patients of all ages and we are always accepting new patients. We highly value use of new technology to provide thorough ocular health examinations and have on-site Humphrey Visual Field testing, Digital Retinal Photography and Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) imaging. This allows us to participate in non-surgical glaucoma care and retinal health monitoring for various systemic conditions. Children are recommended to have their first eye exam at 6-9 months of age! Children do not need to be able to read to have a comprehensive vision check. Yearly eye exams are recommended for all school age children, as well as seniors. Alberta Health Care covers the cost of routine eye exams for all children 18 and younger, and adults 65 or older. Medically necessary eye examinations for conditions like eye infections or injuries, as well as diabetic ocular health assessments are also covered by Alberta Health Care for all Albertans.

We are happy to directly bill to your insurance company if it is allowed under your policy. As all insurance plans are different, please inquire with one of our front desk staff prior to your service if this is available to you. If you have vision care insurance but we are unable to directly bill we will provide you with a detailed receipt to submit for re-imbursement.

Emergency Eye Care

We do our best to accommodate same-day appointments for ocular emergencies such as injuries, infections, foreign bodies, or sudden vision loss. Many of these medically-necessary visits are billed directly through Alberta Health Care. Please contact our office if you have an urgent problem with your eyes and we will have one of our optometrists see you as soon as possible.

examination of the eyes

Contact Lenses

Contact lens wear has never been easier, safer, or more convenient! We have access to the world’s leading daily disposable contact lens technology - available in most prescriptions including astigmatism and multifocal. Contact lenses can even be used to slow down the progression of myopia in children.

We are happy to provide contact lens fittings of all types including specialty lenses for high prescriptions and astigmatism. This includes multifocal contact lenses, Rigid Gas Permeable (RGP) lenses, scleral lenses and specialty lenses for keratoconus and other corneal conditions..

Prescription Glasses and Safety Glasses

Our frame dispensary is home to over 1000 designer frames that can fit any budget! We offer both high-end fashion frames as well as value minded frame and lens packages for children and adults. You will find our wide range of options has something for everyone! Our staff are all highly trained in helping you find the perfect pair and we strive to make sure that you love your new glasses! Our in-house lab allows for speedy turn-over and quality construction of your eyewear. Some prescriptions are available same day, and if you want to re-use your favorite frame we can cut your new lenses to size in office, and you’ll never be without your glasses!

We carry a wide range of prescription-ready sunglasses including Oakley, Maui Jim, and Ray-Ban. Prescription sunglasses are a great addition to your eyewear wardrobe and a necessity in our beautiful, sunny Alberta climate. Make sure to inquire about our excellent multi-pair discount when picking out your new glasses!

Our dispensary also includes a large selection of prescription-ready safety glasses and we are an Eyesafe provider. If your company is in need of an excellent program for prescription safety glasses or you would like more information please check out

Vision Therapy

Vision therapy is a customized regimen of individualized activities and exercises made to retrain the brain and eyes to work together as a team and improve visual functioning. The aim is to enhance vision processing abilities, such as eye tracking, focusing and eye-teaming abilities as well as hand-eye coordination and processing speed.

The ability of the eyes and brain to work together has a significant impact on the learning process in both children and adults. Children rely on this brain-eye interaction to succeed in reaching their full potential.

The principle behind vision therapy and how it can help improve an individual’s visual skills is the fact that vision is LEARNED. From the time babies are born they are learning to ‘do vision’ by interacting with their environment. Although most of this learning occurs in early childhood, the brain remains flexible and dynamic even into adulthood. This is known as neuroplasticity.

Vision therapy consists of a sequence of activities and exercises using lenses, prisms, filters occluders and many other tools that aim to improve visual skills and processing. The process includes weekly in-office training sessions of 45-60 minute duration supplemented by about 15 minutes of assigned daily activities to be practiced at home. The therapy program can last from 3 months and up to 18 months depending on the severity of the diagnosis and patient compliance.

Vision therapy can benefit patients of all ages with conditions and symptoms related to:

  • Convergence Insufficiency
  • Learning-Related Vision Problems (such as eye tracking, eye focusing, eye teaming and visual perceptual delays)
  • Amblyopia (‘lazy eye’)
  • Strabismus (crossed eyes or eyes that turn outwards)
  • Eye-Tracking Disorders
  • Eye-Focusing Disorders
  • Traumatic Brain Injuries

It was previously thought that some developmental eye problems such as amblyopia/lazy eye could not be treated after early childhood but new research suggests that adults can also benefit from therapy programs aimed at improving eye-teaming abilities. Your brain remains flexible throughout life!

20/20 vision is only one of the many visual skills that is important to function efficiently in school and sports! Children with reduced visual skills have to work much harder than their peers to try to keep up in the classroom. They may also have difficulty concentrating throughout the day.

The first step to determine whether vision therapy would be helpful for you or your child is to schedule a comprehensive eye examination with Dr. Wagner. It is very important that we rule out any ocular health problems that may be affecting visual function prior to proceeding with a vision therapy program. Following the initial exam a more thorough functional vision assessment may be recommended. Once we have identified any problem areas within the visual system that could be interfering with learning or reading we can develop a vision therapy program that is individually tailored to the patient’s needs.

Please feel free to book and appointment or reach out to us to learn more!

Vision therapy is a service that is not covered by Alberta Health Care. Comprehensive eye examinations to assess eye health, the need for glasses, and to determine if further work up is needed are covered by Alberta Health Care until children reach the age of 19. If further evaluations are necessary in form of a Functional Vision Exam or Vision Therapy these services are paid privately and some portion may be reimbursable by your private health insurance. Please check with your private health insurance to see if Optometric Vision Therapy is covered. We are happy to discuss our fees with you at the time of your initial eye examination.

If your child is struggling in school with reading, writing or attention please make sure a comprehensive vision exam is done to rule out a vision related learning problem!

Laser Surgery Consultations

Refractive surgery evaluations and referrals are one of the many services that our doctors are trained to provide at For Sight Vision Centre. If you are tired of having to wear glasses or contact lenses to see please book and appointment to see if refractive surgery is a good option for you. We have many patients who have received LASIK, PRK, Implantable Collamer Lens (ICL), and Refractive Lens Exchange (RLE) and are happily seeing now without glasses! Following surgery, we are happy to co-manage post-operative care with your surgeon.


Infant and Children’s Eye Exams

Children are recommended to have their first comprehensive eye exam at 6 months of age! It is recommended that they have at least one eye exam again between the ages 2-5, and then annually once they start school.

If you have a concern or are noticing a problem with your baby or child’s eyes we are happy to see them to assess your concerns at any age.

The eye chart is only one of many tools we use to assess how an individual sees. An infant and young toddler’s eye examination involves checking to see if they eyes are healthy, eye movements and alignment of the eyes is developing properly, the eyes are focusing together, and their depth perception/eye-hand coordination is appropriate for their age. These things can all be assessed without the child needing to be able to talk, all we require is the child to be awake and alert!

Children use their eyes to learn!

Once in school, it is recommended your child have an annual comprehensive eye exam. A school-age child’s eyes are constantly in use in the classroom and at play and they need good visual skills to see and understand clearly. One-in-four school age children has a vision problem and approximately 60% of children experiencing reading difficulties have an undiagnosed or untreated vision problem.

Undetected and untreated vision problems can elicit some of the same signs and symptoms that are commonly attributed to other development issues, such as ADHD, dyslexia and speech problems.

Your child may not realize they have a vision problem as they may simply assume everyone sees the way they do. And, it’s not uncommon for parents to believe they would know if their child has a vision problem, because these issues can be hard to spot particularly if there is a problem in only one of the eyes.

Vision is more than 20/20!

20/20 vision is only one of the many visual skills that is important to function efficiently in school and sports! Children with reduced visual skills have to work much harder than their peers to try to keep up in the classroom. They may also have difficulty concentrating throughout the day.

If your child is struggling in school with reading, writing or attention please make sure a comprehensive vision exam is done to rule out a vision related learning problem!

child learning
child vision exam

How do I know if My Child has a Vision Problem?

Vision problems can often be easy to miss as kids will usually not complain about symptoms such as double, blurry or unstable vision. Some very common signs that your child is having trouble with their vision are:

  • Squinting, rubbing the eyes, or excessive blinking
  • Red, itchy, or watery eyes
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Eyestrain or headaches with school work or computer use
  • Holding books too close or tilting the head to one side when reading
  • Skipping words or lines when reading
  • Mixing similar words such as ‘was’ and ‘saw’
  • Confusing the letters p, d, b, and q
  • Rubbing their eyes or closing one eye when reading or doing near work
  • Difficulty with reading comprehension
  • Blurred or double vision while reading
  • Avoiding near work
  • Poor attention span
  • Fidgeting or squirming in the chair
  • Performing below their potential

Surgical Co-management

At For Sight Vision Centre we are happy to co-manage your before and after care if you are being seen by an ophthalmologist and require eye surgery. We communicate regularly with ophthalmologists and often see patients before and after their cataract, glaucoma, and retinal surgeries.

Dry Eye Treatment

Dry eye is a condition in which a person does not have enough quality tears to lubricate and nourish the eye. The tears are necessary to maintain the health of the front surface of the eye and provide clear vision.

People with dry eyes may experience irritated, gritty, scratchy or burning eyes; a feeling of something in their eyes; excess watering; redness of the eyes; and blurred vision.

Dry eyes can be caused by many reasons - the most common being and inadequate amount of tears and poor quality of tears. The production of tears diminishes with age, due to some medical conditions or as a side effect to some medications. Environmental conditions are also a factor - with exposure to wind and dry climates causing an increase in evaporation of the tears. The tears are not just water! They are made up of layers of oil, water and mucus. Dry eye can also develop if there is an imbalance in the tear layers; the oily layer helps to prevent tears from evaporating and the mucin layer helps to keep the tears spread evenly over the surface of the eye. Another common cause of dry eyes is failure to blink regularly, which often happens when staring at a computer screen for long periods of time.

During a comprehensive eye exam Dr. Wagner will assess your risk of dry eye disease initially while taking your history. It is important to take into account your general health, the medications you take and any environmental factors (such as your occupation). During the exam your external eye will be examined under magnification to assess your eyelid and corneal health, as well as the way you blink. Your tear film will be assessed for quality and quantity. With this information we can determine if you have dry-eye disease and advise you on treatment options.

The treatment for dry eye largely depends on what is causing the lack of or imbalance in the tears. It is very common to be recommended to use tear-supplement drops, also known as artificial tears. There are many types of artificial tears available on the market and Dr. Wagner will advise you on which is best for you. An artificial tear that is non-preserved is usually best.

Sometimes when the dry eye disease is more severe it requires the prescription of eye drops to reduce inflammation in the eye and/or increase the amount of tears your eyes produce.

If the dry eye is caused by an eyelid condition like blepharitis or meibomian gland dysfunction then other treatments directed at treating these conditions will be recommended. These treatments sometimes involve warm compresses or eyelid cleansing wipes.

Please feel free to book and appointment or reach out to us to learn more!

Myopia Control

Myopia is Near-sightedness.

The eyes of a person with myopia are too long - causing the image presented to the retina to be blurry/out of focus. Over time, the eyes of a child with myopia become longer, which causes distant objects to appear more and more out of focus. Myopia is corrected with glasses, contact lenses or refractive surgery.

Usually myopia will first show up in school-age children. If myopia onset’s at an earlier age, there is more risk of the myopia progressing at a faster rate. Having myopia increases your chances of having some eye problems later in life such as cataracts, glaucoma, retinal detachment and myopic macular degeneration.

Studies are showing that myopia is becoming more common in children. Currently over one third of the world’s population is myopic and this is projected to increase to 50% by 2050. A child has a much higher risk of developing myopia if one or both of his/her parents are myopic. While there is no proven direct link, research suggests that children who spend more time indoors doing near focused activities (i.e. computer work, video games and reading) have higher rates of myopia than those who spend more time outdoors.

Send those kids outdoors to play! Studies have shown that the onset of myopia is delayed in children that spend two hours per day outdoors. This is especially important in the early years - before your child has myopia!

Once myopia in children onsets, it typically gets worse every few months until the late teen or early adult years. This means that it is expected that the blurriness of distance vision will become worse and the glasses or contact lens prescription required to make things clear will need to increase every 6-12 months on average. It is known that with a higher amount of myopia we have an increased risk of eye disease later on in life.

While myopia cannot be reversed, treatments are available that are aimed at preventing myopia from getting worse. These treatments include special types of spectacle lenses (glasses), soft contact lenses, atropine eye drops and ortho-keratology. These treatments can continue into the late teen/early adult years. Other treatment involves lifestyle changes such as increasing the amount of time spent outdoors and limiting screen/reading time especially in younger children.

The aim of myopia control is to slow down the progression of myopia, not to stop it completely. Many of the available treatments can slow down the progression by around 60%. Some treatment options will be better suited to your child than others so it is recommended that you have a thorough discussion with Dr. Wagner about which option will work best for your family.

Low Vision

Low vision is the term used to describe reduced eyesight that cannot be fully corrected with eyeglasses, contact lenses or eye surgery. We are happy to examine, counsel and recommend aids for patients with low vision. Common causes of low vision are hereditary conditions, ocular diseases (macular degeneration or glaucoma) or brain injuries (i.e. stroke).

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